Take a moment to reflect and answer the 10 questions. Honesty is key as you explore the depths of your connection.

Let’s add up your score on this 10-question checklist to get a better understanding of your relationship. Be completely honest. Once you’re done, take a look at your results.

If you’re taking the test with your partner, go through it individually first, and then talk about whether you both see things the same way in your relationship.

💕 Remember, there are no right or wrong answers – just authentic reflections.

Scoring for each question:

Always 3 points
Often 2 points
Sometimes 1 point
Not at all 0 points

Now, let’s get started…

The 10 Questions…

1. You both have your individual goals

2. You have personal time and relationship time

3. You have common goals for your relationship

3. You laugh together

4. You find lasting solutions to arguments

5. You’re comfortable talking about challenging topics with each other

7. You respect yourself and each other

8. You are supportive

9. You can make compromises

10. You have enough intimacy and sex

Now, check your results!

How many points did you gain?

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