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It seems like you’ve drifted quite far apart from each other. There are likely unresolved issues and perhaps even some bitterness between you. You may lack the tools to resolve your problems. Now is the time to pause and ask yourself which direction you want your life to take.

A relationship should be a source of strength and a safe haven in life. At the moment, your relationship may be causing more stress than enhancing your well-being. Try to face each other and your true needs through honest communication, seeking constructive solutions instead of dwelling on new problems.

Perhaps you’re also dealing with self-esteem and self-acceptance issues. You might project self-esteem issues onto your partner, and it can be a constant source of conflicts.

It’s time to seek outside help if you want to get your relationship back on track. Seeking help indicates that this relationship is important to you, and you want to achieve better communication with each other.

Quick Fix! My Love Language Couples’ Challenge is a weekly relationship booster package I’ve put together. It’s an affordable and fun way to improve your relationship dynamics. Each week, the Love Language offers a lighthearted relationship challenge to help you rekindle your connection.

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What You Need: The Boldly in Love Relationship Course has already helped thousands of couples achieve a more loving relationship and rediscover each other. In this course, we also examine our own actions and how our inner world affects our relationship. New spots for the Boldly in Love online course open a couple times a year.

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